NNPJ-362 Kurata Mao Nampa JAPAN Verification Project Did You Know That Mixed Bathing Is The Best Way To Deepen Bonds

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NNPJ-362 A NAMPA JAPAN Investigative Variety Special! “Did You Know That The Best Way To Deepen Your Relationship With Someone Is To Bathe Together?” We Asked Men And Women Who Work Together To Take On Their First-Ever Coed Bathing Experience! The Co-Workers Edition!! On One Condition, Though, The Ladies Only Get To Wear Ultra Teeny Tiny Micro Bikini Swimsuits! The Location: A Love Hotel Jacuzzi! Can He Keep His Wits Together In The Face Of Her Nip Slip Temptation… A colleague in the same department, a colleague at the next desk, a colleague who joined the company … What happens if two men and women of such a relationship are almost naked and mixed bathing? Let’s verify with the popular project of Nampa JAPAN! A colleague of a girl in a micro bikini is a male employee who has big breasts than expected and the crotch reacts. The girl who sees it clears the shy mission while embarrassed. And finally they had sex!

Release Date:Sept. 21, 2019
Runtime:229min.  (HD: 229min.)
Studio:Nanpa JAPAN
Label:Nanpa JAPAN

Content ID:nnpj00362
Series:Picking Up Girls JAPAN Variety Show!